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Kerosene is the most common type of domestic heating oil. It may also be referred to as 28 second kerosene, regular burning oil (RBO) or just home heating oil.

Premium Heating Oil - Aga

This fuel is designed to help reduce deposit/sludge build-ups and improve overall efficiency to give a cleaner burn. This in turn should reduce servicing problems that are often associated with AGA's.

Premium Heating Oil - Boiler

Specifically formulated for use in oil boilers. It provides greater efficiency, a cleaner burn and reduces sludge formation. As it keeps your fuel system cleaner, in turn it will inhibit corrosion, lower Co2 emissions and reduce servicing issues.


We supply road diesel, please call our office if you wish to place an order or obtain a quotation.


Please note the minimum delivery for all products is 500 litres.

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